No one determined the beginning of his life. We were born in a world that existed before us. Someone else brought us into being and gave us life as a gift – ‘someone’ who even now keeps us alive and enables us to grow and mature, over and over again.
Who is this ‘someone’? – He remains a mystery… We cannot grasp Him.
Christians know themselves gripped by Him and call Him God.
We believe that God is the source of all that is and our eventual destiny.
We read in the Bible that God loves humanity so much that He became human in Jesus of Nazareth. Through Him God came infinitely close to humanity and, by his Holy Spirit, He allows us to participate in His divine life.
He burns with desire to enflame the heart of human beings with love for Him and one another.

Without God, monasteries are unthinkable.
For all who open themselves to God, He becomes life and one day paradise that knows no end.