“The love of God does not exist out of tears and pleasant emotions but in serving God justly and humbly.”   (Teresa of Avila)

Every person has to work to live. Work demands time, effort and exertion. Work can produce worries and be troublesome.
But work is more than this.
Every human person also has the profound need to express himself in work, to be fruitful and creative. In labouring you experience yourself: your own power, talents and boundaries. Moreover, work is an important pathway to the other: you learn to take care, to matter to your fellow being, to serve. Working together creates encounter and solidarity.
Ultimately, for Christians working also means: passing on the life that we continually receive from Gods hand, accompanying the Creator in his creation, assisting in building a better world, one where justice and love live.

Scripture states: love one another in word…and deed.


Pray and word, monks acclaim!